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Our 2010 appeal

Habitat homeowners proudly standing by Habitat banner
Ghana Team, 2005
Photo by Scott Moore

Dear Friends,

Although it’s been a while since we’ve chatted about Habitat, it probably comes as no surprise to you that Susi and I continue to lead Habitat for Humanity Global Village teams. We thought you might be interested in a brief update on our plans for 2010.

Since 1989, we have passionately supported Habitat for Humanity because we believe that all God’s people deserve a safe, simple place to live. Habitat successfully mobilizes diverse people into an action-oriented, collaborative, worldwide community that makes a real difference in people’s lives. We are thrilled to continue our international efforts in the summer of 2010 by leading two Global Village missions to Botswana, Africa.

Our teams of 10 to 12 people will volunteer for two weeks in this beautiful but terribly poor country as ambassadors and laborers, getting to know the people and their culture as we work side-by-side to build a few safe, decent houses in which they can live, thrive, and dream.

Volunteer team posing on a pile of concrete blocks
Dominican Republic Team, 2007
Photo by Susi Havens-Bezaire

In addition to paying for transportation, food, lodging and immunizations, team members donate toward construction supplies for a total trip cost of about $3,600. Although some have saved enough to pay their own way, we seek sponsors to help those with fewer resources. More importantly, the need for adequate housing is great and the work must continue, so we ask for your contributions toward materials and supplies that enable these communities to build more houses after we leave.

Would you please consider making a donation? Our Columbus GV Team web site is filled with information about the upcoming Botswana projects and results from past missions to Thailand, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia and Ecuador. Please review it and respond generously. Your contribution will be incredibly helpful, whether you support a person for a week ($1,800) or a day ($250) or half of a day ($125) or with any other amount.

Two Habitat for Humanity family children
Guatemala, 2006
Photo courtesy of Katie Merchant

Does it really make a difference? Just ask Luis and Keren. We helped build their new house in Guatemala in 2006 so they now have space that is clean, dry, and so much better for playing and doing homework. Or consider the Thai hotel clerk in downtown Bangkok who told Susi, “Before I met you and your team, I thought all Americans had ‘big noses’ and were stuck up and didn’t care about anyone but themselves. Your work and efforts here have changed my thoughts about the people from your country.”

You can make a real difference! Please join our team, either by filling one of the twelve remaining traveler positions, or by making a generous donation. You will help needy families escape poverty housing while building cultural bridges toward a more peaceful world.

Please know how much we appreciate your support!

Thank you,

Dave Bezaire

Susi Havens-Bezaire

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