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Building on a Dream 2004 (Harvard 2004)

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Building on a Dream on Harvard Avenue 2004 is one element of the efforts by Habitat for Humanity—MidOhio to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s memory. Read more about Dr. King's dream and Habitat's initiatives by exploring the links above.

The house at 1519 Harvard Avenue is a Building on Faith project. That means that at the outset we do not know how it will be done. Initially there is no funding and no committed group of volunteer builders. There is only an empty lot, a deserving partner family, and an undying faith in the power of God working through people.

Smiling man with hammer inside house being built

Mother, father, and two children in front of house under construction

Our homebuyer partner on this project is the Woldegiorgis Family who moved to the United States from Eritrea. Haile drives a taxicab and Salam works at a Wendy's Restaurant to support their 2 children. Their commitment to the sweat equity, financial and other house purchase requirements are the cornerstone that makes this project possible and worthwhile. Here are the four pages of the July 1, 2004 House Dedication Program.

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Retirement Marketing Specialists logo

We have been abundantly blessed with financial support from Retirement Marketing Specialists who made a $75,000 donation to cover the entire cost of construction for this house. This is the first of 5 houses that RMS has pledged to donate over as many years. We are so very appreciative of their generosity!

Smiling woman volunteer on garage roof

Worthington Kilbourne High School's HomeBASE class has stepped forward with a commitment to work on this project each school day (and many extra days as well!) throughout the winter and spring of 2004.

Roger Beck, JB Girard and Dave Bezaire are committed to work on the project from beginning to end, providing the leadership and continuity to insure a high quality result. Karen Freudenreich is with us every week with wholesome, hot lunches to keep us fueled.

Dr. King's Dream

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said to the crowds gathered in Washington, D.C.:

When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

Make it a day ON...not a day off.

Hear and see Dr. King deliver his famous I Have A Dream speech (including the full text).

Visit The King Center website, where you can listen to Dr. King define greatness as service, requiring only "a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love".

Visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service site to learn more about efforts across the nation dedicated to remembering Dr King by serving, including many Habitat for Humanity projects.

Daily Progress Log

  • Date

    Completion Elements

    Volunteer Groups

  • 7/11/2004

    Family occupancy


  • 7/4/2004



  • 5/23/2004

    Vinyl flooring; Interior doors


  • 5/16/2004

    Basement stairs and stairwell; Porch soffit and fascia trim; 1/2 of garage soffit; 2/3 of basement band board insulation

    Appraisal Institute

  • 5/9/2004

    Drywall; West siding, soffit & fascia trim

    Hyatt Hotel, Thursday Crew, Watterson High School, St Charles High School

  • 5/2/2004

    2/3 of drywall; Removed basement stairs; Framed 1/2 wall by stairway; Rear siding

    Tuesday Crew, Thursday Crew, Watterson High School, St Charles High School

  • 4/25/2004

    1/3 of dryall; 2/3 of rear siding

    Capital City Consulting, Thursday Crew, Watterson High School

  • 4/18/2004

    Insulation; Rear pump jacks; East siding

    Appraisal Institute, Watterson High School, Thursday Crew

  • 4/11/2004

    Caulking & insulation baffles; 1st floor wiring rough-in; East soffit & fascia trim; Garage siding prep; Conductor lines; Remove door opening bottom plates

    Retirement Management Systems, Columbus College of Art & Design, Watterson High School, Speeds Electric

  • 4/4/2004

    Front soffit; East pump jacks; 1/2 of rear siding

    Big Bear Chuck BB Memorial Group

  • 3/28/2004

    2/3 of east siding; 1/4 of rear siding

    Student athletes from Brookhaven, Beechcroft and Northland High Schools

  • 3/21/2004

    Staircases; Interior framing; More siding details

    Tuesday Crew, Thursday Crew, Big Bear Chuck BB Memorial Group

  • 3/14/2004

    Windows; Interior partition placement; Sided 2/3 of west and 1/3 of east sides

    WKHS HomeBase, Thursday Crew, Ohio State Moritz College of Law Community Service Project

  • 3/7/2004

    Most Dow Styrofoam insulation; Porch roof framing; Exterior doors

    Thursday Crew, WKHS HomeBASE, OSU Newman Center

  • 2/29/2004

    House and garage roof shingles; Front porch roof trusses; Most 2nd floor wall assembly

    Thursday Crew, WKHS HomeBASE, St. Charles High School Juniors, Union Savings Bank, St. Matthews Catholic Church of Gahanna

  • 2/22/2004

    House roof construction and tar paper; Garage roof construction and tar paper; Basement shelves; Garage & porch floors

    Thursday Crew, Peace Lutheran Church of Gahanna, WKHS HomeBASE, OSU Campus HfH Chapter

  • 2/15/2004

    Second floor exterior walls; Porch beam assembly

    OSU ??? Fraternity, OSU Campus HfH Chapter, WKHS HomeBASE

  • 2/8/2004

    Second floor sheathing; Second floor front & back walls; Gable end preparation

    WKHS HomeBASE, St. Thomas More Newman Center, OSU Campus HfH Chapter

  • 2/1/2004

    Second floor joist system; One third of 2nd floor sheathing

    Thursday Crew, Nationwide Insurance, WKHS HomeBASE

  • 1/25/2004

    Straightened & braced first floor walls; Installed double-top plates; Second floor wall plates

    Thursday Crew, WKHS HomeBASE

  • 1/19/2004
    MLK Day

    First floor load bearing walls; Garage walls

    Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Columbus Church of Christ, OSU MLK Day group, OSU Campus HFH Chapter, WKHS HomeBASE

  • 1/18/2004

    First floor joist system; First floor sheathing; Basement, garage foundation, utilities; First floor wall plates

    Thursday Crew, WKHS HomeBASE